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'Brommage' is a term used to describe an action taken to 'diffuse' and argument in a message board thread, this is most commonly done by going off on a wild tangent which bares no relevance to the thread in question, it can also be put into action by suggesting 'everyone get along' or 'just be friends' and in some cases 'no more arguments' This method was used almost daily by the late great Pete Brommage. 'You Brommaged this thread, motherfucker'
Example 1:
'Pete, judging from this thread, your taste in music is total turd, sunshine'

'Well, at the end of the day, I'm amazing at Chemistry, and you're just...not'

Example 2:

'Christ Pete, you're a right dork'

'Can't we all just get along? I don't wan't any more arguments'
by Nu-Gen Twat March 01, 2005
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A insult often used on clubbing message boards in the UK. It is named after the prime Brommager of all time, Mr Pete Brommage:

The act of 'bromaging' is being involved in some sort of petty online argument and realising that you are losing out in a bad way because you're
a) a bit thick, or
b) generally a bit of a twat,

so the person either changes their argument point to fit in more with the 'winning' point, or turn it all around and play the "It's only a message board can't we all get along" card.
The Latter being the most used example And thus seeing the first incarnation of the Get Along Gang
Statements a Brommager would make after an argument they are clearly losing:

Brommage: I think it doesnt matter because its tuesday. Do you want me to send you a mix cd?

Brommage: Cant we all just get along?

Brommage: Thread deleted - Reason, moaning bastards.
by MotionDesk March 01, 2005
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