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A insult often used on clubbing message boards in the UK. It is named after the prime Brommager of all time, Mr Pete Brommage:

The act of 'bromaging' is being involved in some sort of petty online argument and realising that you are losing out in a bad way because you're
a) a bit thick, or
b) generally a bit of a twat,

so the person either changes their argument point to fit in more with the 'winning' point, or turn it all around and play the "It's only a message board can't we all get along" card.
The Latter being the most used example And thus seeing the first incarnation of the Get Along Gang
Statements a Brommager would make after an argument they are clearly losing:

Brommage: I think it doesnt matter because its tuesday. Do you want me to send you a mix cd?

Brommage: Cant we all just get along?

Brommage: Thread deleted - Reason, moaning bastards.
by MotionDesk March 01, 2005

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