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Adj. The combination of the words BRAVE and BOLD.
Josie told Johnny he had a toucan nose out loud now she brold!
by moivaoxo June 10, 2018
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A 40+ year-old man who sadly tries to be a hipsterbag and acts like a "bro."
I was grabbing a beer at a bar in Vail after a day of skiing. In walks this mid-to-late 40's guy wearing a New Era Burton hat turned 45 degrees, sideburns, a boarder jacket and skate shoes. He was acting like he was a 19 year-old "bro" and saying lots of things like, "S'up brah, check this, this chick roll up to me slopeside...." He was hitting on anything that pees sitting down and was simply too old for the young, hipster crowd. He kept asking "Hey, what band is this?" every time a new song started.

Really sad. He was a true Brold-dog.
by Tha Brah June 03, 2009
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