The Broken Foot is what can happen when you're engaged in seriously rough and vigorous sex with a partner.

During the act, the couple (or couples) end up fucking so hard, one of them breaks their foot or other appendage. Research suggests that 90% of the time it's the foot or feet that take the punishment.

The worse the break, the better the sex. Multiple breaks would signify genius / brilliant sex.

Not to be confused with a stress fracture which can occur during dull sex.
Oh god, I fucked Rosey so hard last night she ended up with a broken foot.
by sukosimon November 27, 2010
When you drop something on your foot and your in a lot of pain but you keep walking on it hoping it’s not broken
My foot got run over by a cart at work it really hurts I have a limp but I don’t want to report it because the paperworks a hassle so I keep walking out hoping the pain goes away I’m playing broken foot roulette
by Anna K Carey June 28, 2021