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Bros whose assured financial security and first-class education does not stop them from shouting, drinking, partying and mixing with mere peasants. It appears that the social isolation common in bourgeoisie life is the main reason for bourgeoisie forcing themselves to take on this abrasive personality. However, the cultured sensibilities and affluent tastes embedded in their character by years of elitist propaganda is too difficult to hide, so brogeoisie are easy to detect for anyone with a good brodar.
Brogeoisie #1: Naw dude you shoulda seen it man, the fight at that party was like an Aristotelian tragedy, it was like Aeschylus's Agamemnon was being acted out right in front of my fucking face dude.

Bro: Uh.. who the hells Ayskulus..?

Brogeoisie #2: Um..ahemm... he means yeah dude it was fucking sweet that asshole got knocked the fuck out, I was about to jump on him but I had a complete moment of catharsis

Captain Brodar: Stop there impostors! No true bros have such an elite sense of Ancient Greek tragedy! You must be brogeoisie!

Brogeoisie #1: Damn it, they found us out, quick Horatio, back to Leaf Links golf club, I think i left my Cheetah's lights on.
by Mahavishnu August 17, 2014
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