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Brofish was used during a Tom Green show raid in early 2009. He was supposed to repeat "Brofist", but said "Brofish" which became a instant "meme" with in the 4chan community.

Brofish is a obscure Meme, and therefore a good one.
Kid on skype "HEY TOM!, can you look into the camera and say BROFIST(clenches fist)!?"

Tom Green: "Brofish? (clenches fist), BROFISH, BROOOOOFISH!"

Kid on skype: NO! BROFIST!

Tom Green: Brofish!

Kid on skype: facepalm** Then says "Fat N*gger" 5 times

Tom then gets mad and ends call. Then shortly after the online show.
by 4chan.. July 03, 2009
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a friend who looks and acts like odd and pops his collar often
My friend acted weird yesterday and tried to be cool by popping his collar. I think he's a brofish
by aotjeoryjeoyjetoejgrojr April 06, 2009
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