The event in which there are no females present, it could be at a party, going to the mall, or just hanging out, nothing but some dudes, no chicas. sausage fest
Hey dudes whats up, where are all the ladies?
Im not gonna lie to you, this is gonna be a Brodio.
by slambob January 24, 2007
Brodio (noun) a word used by to bros to simplify spending the night at the rodeo with eachother
“Hey babe I’m just chillin with the brodio
by @ripntriip (insta) March 15, 2018
An exclamation commonly used by Jijibwa to express astonishment or other type of excitement.
by Jijibwa March 31, 2009
A brodio clown is a bro that is commonly seen in a brodio.
Dude, look at those brodio clowns crowded around Toco Bell.
by Smudgyboar January 16, 2011