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Describes a man who is extremely full of himself. So much in fact, it’s as if he thinks he has achieved enlightenment. This can be seen in his blank stares and smirks to others of his kind. Brodhisattvii tend to only hang out with other brodhisattvii and love plastic women. They are surprisingly unlikely to get into physical altercations, but will if repeatedly provoked. If one looks closely, they tend to have just enough weight so as to appear athletic, but actually are slightly to moderately overweight. Semi-attractive meatheads and Lacoste-wearing transplants from the east coast are brodhisattvii. The Marina district bars of San Francisco are full of them.

Etymology: The first part refers to the word brodie, and suggests a surfing connotation. The second obviously refers to the Buddhist Bodhisattva.

*Conversely, when the word “true” is placed before it, the word then becomes an endearing term often used by one friend when referring to another.
"We went to a party last night. It was full of brodhisattvas so we left.

"Stavros is a true brodhisattva."
by Dolph "Hans" Lundgren January 07, 2009
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