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He is a Great guy. Super nice to his friends and family. Just a great guy all around but if you get on his bad side then you are stuck there. He does not forgive people that hurt him or anyone he is close to.
"Man that guy is such a Brodey"
by ghjklghjkl May 28, 2015
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Brodey is the type of guy that every girl will fall for at least once. He is the type to be really sweet when he’s tired and can be very loving at times. But the issue is he uses girls. He’ll say he likes you and use you for nudes then tell everyone he knows. Even though he makes your life miserable you still love him and are attached. He’s super tall and the is the hottest boy you’ll ever meet and is good at fortnite and is a huge bully to girls. He barely talks in school and is the most popular boy. He plays hockey and is really good. Brodey is one of the coolest guys to meet and has so many friends and makes a good best friend as well. If you ever find a brodey make sure not to get attached.
Wow, did you see olivia and emma nudes on brodey snap story?

Girl 1- wow brodeys so hot
Girl 2- gurlllll didn’t you see kaylees nudes on his insta story
by iplaypokémongoeveryday February 27, 2019
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When you meet a Brodey, you might think, oh he's a hik, or he's just a big puss. But Brodeys are caring, loving guys. They most likely have social anxiety. That's why they dont talk to much. But when they are comfortable in a situation they are loud and happy and funny. Brodeys are precious and must be protected.
I went out with a dude. But he seemed a bit intimidated.

You must be webt out with Brodey.
by Bigmomi476 January 02, 2019
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