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A slowdance performed between two straight guys.
Steve: Im gonna go ask Michelle to dance.
Jim: Why not just have a brodance with me?
Steve: Cause who has a name like Jim anymore?
by Brett Cockfield August 31, 2008
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Also a common reference to the nightly "dance" between American Idol Season 7 finalists David Cook and Michael Johns during the final group number "Please Don't Stop the Music." This Mavid Brodance made for some incredible fun during the Idol's summer tour.
"Can you believe TBTB are trying to stop the Mavid Brodance?"
by DavidSquared October 19, 2008
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Sleeping within a variable distance of a bro when you need to charge your phone.
Person 1: my phone is nearly flat, anyone have a charger?
Person 2: yeah there's one on the other side of my bed if you wanna bro dance
by SpreadItLike October 13, 2015
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