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Brocusing occurs when one or more bros need to stop pounding nady ices and mikes hard lemonade and get to focusing on the matter at hand....not enough chicks at the party. A bro may over brocus and the only way to save him is to give him the good weed and a Yeager Bomb.
Bro 1: Yo bro im on my 8th mike's hard lemonade and my brodar hasn't picked up a single chick all night.

Bro 2: I know bra, turn down the Dave Matthews for a sec and lets all brocus.

Bro 3: Bro the last time Broseph brocused he went overboard.

Bro 1: Then we will just give him the good weed.

Bro 2: and a Yeager Bomb.
by Pepaladick October 29, 2009
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the act of focusing on any type of school work when you could be or were in the process of getting high as shit with your brajhs and also polishing off brewskis, possibly getting your D wet from some sweet biddies.
Bro 1: BRAJH I totally got done that 6-page term while getting the D wet from Tony's sister.

Bro 2: How the fuck did you do that?

Bro 1: The amount of brocus required drained my energy to the point where I slept 23 hours the next day and misses my class and failed the paper. Fuck life brah. Wanna get shit-faced?

Bro 2: Fuck yeah. Let's get wrecked.
by brostradamusIV October 25, 2009
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