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A group of three or more "bros" who would rather spend their time smoking cigarettes, playing lacrosse,drinking to the point of belligerence and talking about all the girls they get. They are usually surrounded by a group of girls hoping to mooch off their good looks and wealth. A very arrogant bunch.
I was going to leave the party but then the brociety showed up and I had to stay.

Did you notice how belligerently drunk the brociety got this weekend? And they still won in beer pong!

I really want to hook up with brociety, so I have to play hard to get.
by Herakles November 24, 2008
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A brociety is a population of bros characterized by patterns of relationships between individuals that share a distinctive culture and/or interest. More broadly, a brociety is an economic, social and industrial infrastructure, made up of a varied multitude of bros. Members of a brociety may be from different ethnic groups. A brociety may be a particular ethnic group, such as the Saxons, a nation state, such as Bhutan, or a broader cultural group.
Will: Those kids from Farmington are developing quite a brociety over there.

Sean: Yeah, if they keep it up they're never going to be able to function in a real society.

Will: Looks fun to me, I just hope they don't get too bromantic.
by JackieTrabs February 20, 2009
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