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Friends who love to do qigong together. Especially the baduanjin, which in Chineese means '8 Silky Brocades'. This is one of the most wonderful qigong stretches and Hec Hanley and Beatrice Middleton often do it together. Brocade buddies often do qigong for hours, never stopping to speak. So if you love the healing martial arts, get a bunch a of your Brocade Buddies together and do the 8 Silky Brocades. You will feel silky!
Bryant: Hey Hec, let's do some qigong! After all, we are Brocade Buddies.

Hec: You got that right. The baduanjin, the 8 Silky Stretches. (he starts doing them)

Bryant: Easy now, you don't want too much fire. This is meant to heal, not hurt.

Hec: Yes. (he does Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Hawk) Now, that felt good. This is crazy fun!

Bryant: Now, let's do Angry Gaze. (he squats into the horse stance and punches at Hec's stomach) There, think Angry Tiger!

Hec: Good one, my poor heart! These brocades really work. Hooooooooooo (the heart healing sound).

Bryant: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that.

Hec: Its okay. Now, those are great exercises, huh? But now I need a Hanley Freeze. You want one?

Bryant: Sure! How about a chi massage, too? That'll perk you up.

Hec: (starts rubbing on Bryant) Easy now. We're Brocade Buddies! Now, this is going to be good. Don't hurt yourself.

Bryant: Xie xie! (means 'thank you' in Chineese) That was one great workout. I feel silky now! Brocade Buddies forever! High wu! ('five', in Chineese)
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 21, 2011
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