A spicy milkshake that was made by Hec Hanley. A Hanley Freeze is most commonly made of mint chocolate chip ice cream, V8 vegetable juice, and Mt. Dew Code Red. This is one of Hec's favorite drinks. If you want something creamy, but with a sweet and tangy kick, try a Hanley Freeze - one taste and you'll be Hanley'd!
Hec: Hey Bryant, you thirsty? You want a Hanley Freeze?

Bryant: Sure! But what's in a Hanley Freeze?

Hec: Oh, its great! All it is is mint chocolate chip ice cream, Mt. Dew Code Red, with V8 juice thrown in it for spicy. Its delicious, honey. Here, I'll make you one. (He makes a Hanley Freeze)

Beatrice: What's that? Is that some sort of crazy cocktail drink?

Bryant: Yes! Its a Hanley Freeze. You'll love it. Here you go, Gunny Granny. Knock that back, see what you think. (Beatrice tastes the drink)

Beatrice: Wowee! The creamy coolness of mint, the sweet red tang of the cherry, plus the spicy burn of vegetables. This would be a hit if we sold it.

Hec: Did I do good? Is the Hanley Freeze the bomb? (Everyone starts slapping high fives)

Bryant: Hanley Freeze - the ultimate in cold and oldies!
by Dusty's Baby Powder July 18, 2011
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