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The ultimate high school. It excels in almost everything it does. This includes academics, sports, and music. They are preps mixed with beach bums. Kids wear sandals year 'round and thier biggest rival will always be Severna Park High. Just enter one of the Bneck vs Sp basketball games and you will understand after the loud chants of the kazmaniacs. Also known as bneck
Holy shit you go to Broadneck High! Lucky!
by relax March 02, 2006
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A high school located on the Broadneck peninsula, located officially in Annapolis (the capital of Maryland) but attended by many in the surrounding town of Arnold. The arch rival of Severna Park High and it's better half, even it's girls are way hotter (not to mention a whole lot less smelly).
by TheSliceFool April 14, 2005
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The rival of Severna Park, this school is home of the Bruins (an ugly ass bear). When Severna Park High had to be split in half for population reasons, the worse half went to Broadneck. They may have better football, basketball, and sometimes lacrosse teams but their swim team and field hockey teams are no match for the Falcons.

They may think that Severna Park is a bunch of snobby rich kids, but they don't realize that they're all a bunch of cocky assholes who only care about themselves.
Dude were you at the meet last night? Broadneck High's swim team was MURDERED by Severna Park!

Yeah Falcons! Lets go! FHock those Bruins! Yeah our fhockey team is the shit! Broadneck is shit!
by polobear321 January 25, 2011
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