Friend. Compatriot. Brother. Bastardized form of BROTHER. Short for BROHAMULUS.
"Sup, brohamulus, where the chickens is at?"
by ready2ruck March 10, 2003
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a close buddy, compadre, smoking and/drinking buddy. a term of endearment between men to reaffirm heterosexuality
hey broham, throw me a cold one.
by Krisana February 24, 2004
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Broham is actually pronounced brohym, its an irish slang turm for brother or friend, made popular by the irish mob.
Hey, whats up broham wanna knock-over a 7/11?
by patrick "big dirty" shane September 28, 2007
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A “Broham” is the ebonic pronunciation of Brougham. A Broham is consistently attributed to the large rear wheel drive Cadillac Fleetwoods of the 1970s and 80s. The word Broham is commonly used within the African American community regarding people who drive these Caddy “Wips” , “Ghetto Cruisers”, or “Hoopties”. Most Urban youths across the country dream of one day owning a Broham.
Oh got damn Yo! Did you see dat nigga in da Broham?

cadillac fleetwood deville brougham
by Fleetwood Broham February 28, 2011
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A term used by southern california surfers to identify close friends...often used as a term of endearment as you never call an enemy a "broham"...
Hey broham...Nice aerial off that wicked set!
by Jonny 78 July 12, 2005
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A term of false endearment used between a 'cool' guy to a less 'cool' guy to coerce him to do a menial task for him such as vacuuming, moving a car, triple homicide et al, in the pretense that the cool guy may be the less cool guy's friend as a result of the completed task.
Say broham, how's about you head down to the city dump to get rid of this rolled up carpet in my trunk... I'll stay here and cool some beers.
by Metmateyouwhat July 19, 2009
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