A title for a male figure, whose familiarity is that of a brother.
by KuriKuri September 10, 2008
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synonymous with "himbo"
a hammy bro with ham for brains but very cordial and attractive. A non-threatening being. Can be substituted for househusband.
by LM1211 December 24, 2020
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A secret handshake among bros, usually a high five or something similar to daps. Bro ham is given when a certain type of "brohood" is expressed, or when some type of "brohood" is experienced or seen with the Bro.
Travis- "Dude yesterday, I totally showed up the fertility god in a game of connect four."
Perrin- "Dude, give me some BRO HAM!"
by Perrin Hawver February 2, 2008
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