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Bro-foods are foods that are primarily eaten by bodybuilders, figure competitors and people who participate in strength training.

Food eaten primarily by members of the fitness community.

They generally consist of high protein, high fiber, fats and carbs. These foods are mostly healthy foods that help the fitness person lose weight, gain muscle mass or both. Many bro-foods tend to be much more nutrient dense than general grocery food.

They're called bro-foods because the fitness guys who tend to eat like this are called bros. The nickname or slang term for muscular guys who participate and or spend much of their lives in the fitness community.

Bro-Foods generally consist of food like Oatmeal, chicken breast, whey protein, nuts, 90% lean beef, coconut oil, Broccoli, olive oil, many types of fish, brown rice, peanut butter, bananas, wheat bread, eggs, cauliflower, cottage cheese, yogurt, leafy greens, sea slat etc.

Note : Bro-Foods do NOT always have to be strictly healthy. It can allow for cheat food, junk food or fast food from time to time. But still generally is less processed food that has high protein, higher fiber, adequate amount of fats, nutrients and carbs. These main components can and do fluctuate depending on what the fitness person is trying to achieve.

A good idea of what counts as bro food. Go to major bodybuilding sites or to youtube and type in bro food into the search bar. And you'll get a good idea of what counts as bro-food.
Dude1 : "Check out the new guys in the gym."
Dude2 : "Damn they're shredded"
Dude1 : "Definitely, They must have been getting serious about managing their bro-foods."
Dude2 : "They're most likely in their cutting phase"
by Black King X June 23, 2013
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