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That 155 lb weakling that continues to believe his bulletproof workout program yields results, despite looking like an emaciated Holocaust survivor. He may dole out incredibly inaccurate advice, despite never having squatted in his life because he does leg extensions instead. Upon noticing anybody with a better physique or strength than he, he concludes that a lexicon of illicit substances - normally enough to put an entire small Nigerian village in a coma - had to have been implemented. He most likely attends Planet Fitness because other gyms aren't his "style." He believes deadlifts are some type of funeral procession, and that his diet of burgers and fries are sure carrying him well. Avid gym users want to break his limbs and entrap him in a 6" x 6" crate filled with whale feces and vomit for the duration of his miserable life.
Real gym user: What are you doing today?
Bro scientist: Prolly gonna hit Planet Fitness brahhhh
Real gym user: Why the f$&k would you go to that rat's ass excuse for a gym?
Bro scientist: Sorry, I was busy doing crunches, gonna get that 6 pack doood
Real gym user: But you can't get 6 packs by just -

Bro scientist: God I love not eating right or lifting right and giving unwarranted advice
Real gym user: die
by raptorius June 29, 2014
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