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A Bro Geek is the smartest and most technology advanced bro in the group. He's the guy that figured out your girl was cheating on you by using myspace. He can start a smart sentence with "dude" or "yo bro". He set up the GPS to the party. He chills in all groups as everyone likes him, partys like a bro but can fix your iPod. He's the guy you send to talk to the cops when they show up to bust the party.
John: Yo Bro, I think my hoe's getting on me.
Bro Geek: I'll check her space. Hidden comments, bad sign. I'll change page style to No Style to show her comments. Look at that, yup she's cheating on you.
John: Thanks Bro. Let's go rally the bros and trash her house.
by T Gibs May 25, 2008
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