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A comfortable chair located in a department store or boutique, strategically positioned to allow tired bros to rest while wives or girlfriend shop.
Oh yes! Just when I thought I was going to collapse I found a sweet bro chair at Nordstroms.
by jlfour January 04, 2015
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a comfortable reclining lounge chair usually found in a living room. bros will put one in the bed of their bro trucks so that when they're out and bro-ing around they can kick back and relax at a moments notice. a relaxed bro is a happy bro, bro
Flatbiller#1 Nice Bro chair in the back of your bro truck, bro how do you even get into the bed to sit in it?
Flatbiller #2 HAHA bro, its just there for looks
by BlueBreadTruck December 15, 2010
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