It's second-biggest town in Czech republic right after Prague. According to people who live there, Brno is much better than Prague, Brno is much more Czechish and Brno has a much better culture. They are also very proud of the fact, that Brno was never conquered and obviously means it's superior to Prague.

They also like that to show those feelings to others. They either shout it right into their faces or they speak using hantec so others can't understand them.
"praotec Čech" climbed up the mountain and a said: "Brrrrrr No I'm not staying here!" And thus the name Brno was created.

Hey, he's from Brno, it's the place where trams have really weird name.

I went to Brno this weekend, but all of my staff was stolen.
by Bread pan November 20, 2019
A city in Czech Republic. It dreams of being Prague, but, since it can't, it just blames her for everything
I going to Brno this weekend
by icicloui May 6, 2009