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Pertaining to a prophesized wizard. One who casts spells by charms and looks. Person of mystery and secrecy. One who dwells with elves and ghouls.

The term 'Brit' comes from the famed wizard, 'Britizarre', who saved his village from distruction by the evil Narwolves of Epizon. He was then casted out because of his strange powers and forced to live with the Dwarves of Becinraun, who later killed him for treachery and ate his liver.

The term 'Brit' also comes from the evil creature, Britleshyath. Britleshyath was a half horse, half elf with the ability to produce fire from her eyes. She would seduce men with her charms and good looks, and later kill them and eat their heart. Britleshyath was later found and boiled in peircing hot water for her crimes.

There has been over 300 known persons with the name 'Brittley' in the Village of Lardistroe, located in the Underearth.

Brittley means beauty and tranquility. Also means hard-headed and tempered. Very well engrosed with herself.

Good exotic dancer. Really good in bed! Can sleep for many hours, even days at a time!



Women who Dances with Wolves while Exposed
He is just so brittley! All he does is just keep to himself!

I can brittley all night long!

Man, when she broke up with him, she britted his heart!
by Dr. Danger Evil September 13, 2010
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