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Famous internet Scene Queen. Model, photographer has her own fashion line that should be launching quite soon. She posts millions of pictures of herself on the internet. Famous for her outrageous hair and make-up. Well known on Stickam.
scene girl #1: OMG! I saw Brittany Thrillkill at a show last night I loved her hair!!!!

scene girl #2: I wish I could do my make-up like hers.
by scenechik18 August 02, 2009
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Famous Scene Celebrity. Myspace and Stickam whore. Just like all the rest of them. Has a baby and is still TOO damn skinny (And I think Zui Suicide hasa baby too.) Just saying...She's a model, owns her own Fashion line, has a zillion piercings, changes her colour of hair every other day.
Scenen chik: Look at Brittany Thrillkill she looks so pretty!

Scenen chick #2: I think she might even be prettier then that Kiki slut.

Scenen chick: Brittany Thrillkill has style I love her hair too she always looks amazing.
by Iluvbrendon November 18, 2009
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