Brittany Snow is a talented, incredibly gorgeous young actress who has starred in such films as "John Tucker Must Die" and "Hairspray". She is also well-known for her work in the critically acclaimed television shows 'American Dreams' and 'Nip/Tuck'.
Did you guys see Prom Night? That Brittany Snow chick is FLY.
by AB, holla! May 10, 2008
An actress who resembles a troll, she has been in movies and television shows since 1995. It is a complete mystery how she has managed to get the roles that she has, given her near mongoloid features. She is also a complete bore as a person, and of no interest to anyone with any taste. We can only assume that she has gotten the roles that she has through the age-old methods actresses have used since the beginning of film.
That fugly actress is a total "Brittany Snow" job.
by trybrow-5 March 27, 2008