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When the father of the child/children is more capable of looking after said child/children than the mother.
Kevin Federline was given custody of Britney Spears children as he was found to be more capable of looking after them E.G.Britney Spears Syndrome.
by Michael--05 December 10, 2008
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Divorce women or coming out of a long term relationship, who go out and get drunk and do stupid things.
Rebound behavior. Wants to do the things they did not do during the relationship.
dates numerous of douch bags and has crazy drinking nights.
Behaves irrationally trying to do everything at once. Not having any direction and thinking no one else sees what they do.
Britney spears syndrome. Women who are just getting out of a long term relationship. Doing shots at a bar and behaving irresponsible just to have fun because they couldn't do it while they where in a relationship.
by Happy_101 February 15, 2011
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