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A throw back to the 1997 incident involving English Nanny Louise Woodward when she shook a baby violently to death, was charged with second degree murder, and later had the case appealed and reduced the sentence to manslaughter, causing her to serve less than 300 days in prison instead of life.

One is labeled a "British Nanny" when they commit a similar act to someone in a generally disadvantaged position.
Person A: "Tod got slapped around by Bill when he came out of Chess Club again yesterday."

Person B: "Yeah, he shook him around like a British Nanny!"
by slightlyclever December 02, 2007
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1. The down+B attack of Mario or Luigi in Super Smash Brothers

2. Fran Dresser
Fran Dresser, give him the British Nanny!
by Ryan November 14, 2003
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