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Bristol city an rovers like the crips an bloods of bristol, they wear either red or blue an h8 each other, they beat tha shit outta each other an have gang wars in broadmead
man ima gas what are u?
im city bitch get yo ass outta here
fuck u nigga rovers 4 life!
by bristol king February 10, 2005
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The 'other' football team in Bristol, also known as 'the gas'. Also supported by wurzels
Oi be a gaaas 'ead. Oi be.
by black flag June 02, 2004
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The name give to Bristol's second football team; they live in the shadows of the mighty Bristol City.

Unlike in some cities, there is no deep reason for the intense rivalry between Rovers and (the vastly superior) Bristol City, e.g. in Glasgow, fans are divied by religion. It is generally taken that Rovers fans come from the north of the city, and City fans from the south, although this is not always the case.

Bristol Rovers fans are called 'Gas heads', the team is known as 'the Gas'. This is due to the fact that they used to play next door to a gas works in Bristol.

Although they are called Bristol Rovers, they spent a good few years playing their home matches at Twerton Park in Bath. This was probably the only time in their history when they were the biggest and best team playing in their home city, possibly due to the fact that Bath City were playing Conference football.

In more recent times, Rovers have moved back to Bristol, and have been playing their home games at The Memorial Ground (which is actually within the City of Bristol). After sharing this ground for years with Bristol Rugby, Rovers are 're-developing' it, because they think that they need better facilities (for what, I don't know- they hardly even fill the ground's 6,000 plus capacity). While this project takes place, Rovers will be playing their home games at Cheltenham Town's home ground, once again Rovers will not be playing in Bristol. To mark their leaving, the entire population of Bristol will rejoice, glad to see this blue and white stain removed from the city...its just a shame it couldn't be for longer/ever.
if you all hate Bristol Rovers, all hate Bristol Rovers, all hate Bristol Rovers, clap your hands...

I f**king hates they Rovers
by R1bBCFC June 13, 2007
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