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a girl whos always always up for fun no matter how crazy will give any one a chance and can easily put a smile on your face just as easily as she can get it off your face she can be your best friend or your worst enemy she always has two extremes but truly never lets anything stop her.
by uliss August 01, 2011
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she's the girl you'll want to be bestfriends with , but you can also be jealous of. she's too friendly , should have a boyfriend , and has really nice boobs and a nice sized butt. she's hella sexy , with a beautiful smile. chocolate eyes that'll make you melt. teachers always pronounce her name wrong and she loves to make fun of it. she's the only most beautiful black / spanish girl you can ever meet.
god, i want a girl like brisia
by trevonbrooks777 March 14, 2017
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She’s a quiet girl, but she is veryyyy FREAKY.. brisia can be nervous but it’s cute, her eyes are as beautiful as her personality,

She makes mistakes but she always finds a way to get up. Brisia falls in love easily, don’t break her heart, it will just bring her self esteem even lower,

Over all she has this laugh that can make you fall, she often sees herself as an ugly person but really she is the most beautiful girl, she is unforgettable and will always make your day, when you’re going through bad stuff she will be there for you cause she truly cares.
She’s amazing at drawing

Loves music, and she has a passion for singing,
I fell in love with Brisia.. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her, I want her back :/
by Player2020 September 27, 2018
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