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A duo of Mikey Barone and Bryce Hall. Well known for their online feud with Brolby, a duo of Colby Brock and Brennen Taylor. Most of the definitions are biased so heres one thats not ☝️.
"lmfao dude brikey just released a diss track on my bois brennnen and colby."
"Haha they deserved it they suck ass."
"Bitch I'm brolby all da wae"
by Brolby_boi June 26, 2018
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Two big social media guys that go by the name Brikey the two names are Michael Barone and Bryce Hall put together. They made a song about a sucky Ass ship name that is Brolby? Ps Brikey is always gonna be better then Brolby
Brikey bouta catch a bag, Brolby sounds like somethin on yo ass
by Baroneschillin November 17, 2017
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