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A duo of Mikey Barone and Bryce Hall. Well known for their online feud with Brolby, a duo of Colby Brock and Brennen Taylor. Most of the definitions are biased so heres one thats not ☝️.
"lmfao dude brikey just released a diss track on my bois brennnen and colby."
"Haha they deserved it they suck ass."
"Bitch I'm brolby all da wae"
by Brolby_boi June 26, 2018
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A bunch of salty little white boys that sound so bad no amount of autotune can fix their incessant noise coming from their mouth, autotune broke trying to fix their face.
Brikey is salty
Brikey sucks
Brikey just "caught a bag"
Brolby is better than Brikey
by Brolby all da wae March 09, 2019
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Two big social media guys that go by the name Brikey the two names are Michael Barone and Bryce Hall put together. They made a song about a sucky Ass ship name that is Brolby? Ps Brikey is always gonna be better then Brolby
Brikey bouta catch a bag, Brolby sounds like somethin on yo ass
by Baroneschillin November 17, 2017
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