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Brigita (bright, exhalted one) was once widely worshipped throughout Celtic Europe as the triple goddess of the flame, and in Ireland her eternal flame still burns. Her high holiday called Imbolc, celebrates the transition from winter to spring. Communal bonfires lit atop each community"s highest hill once connected the Celtic empire by signaling all was well throughout the realm. "Beauty burns eternal"
Brigita, celtic goddess, bright beauty.
by Andre July 16, 2004
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A lovely, extremely beautiful, smart girl who likes study alot but doesn't like books though.
She has mood swings and tends to be agressive at times but she's still the best sister forever.
A great, faithful friend and a serious, respectful girlfriend.
- Who is that amazingly amazing girl ?

- That's Brigita

- She's a catch !
by SesÄ— March 08, 2013
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Girl that stares at other girls boobs. Referred to as a supermodel. Often has lesbian tendencies and ghonorhia. Can be pronounced 'birgigi'! Loves to play with herself and look at you with one eye! Wears too much makeup. GIRLS BEWARE! Don't wear low cut collars! She looks down your shirt! Is addicted to cleavage!
August! I like your eye make-up! Wow nice boobs!

Carter your so hott! Touch me!

Hey Shelby! I love your shirt! Where'd you get it? Wanna make out?

Guil! Stop touching me! STOP! Wanna have a threesome?

OMG! I love your big tits!

by 2012! January 12, 2010
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