Brighton & Hove England.only city in the world with an official ampersand (&) in the title & also the first city of the New Millennium 2000 granted city status by Queen Elizabeth making it a very gay place to be.
visting finnish EF language student:hello!"i'm looking for kemptown".
local chav:no bro!this is the rubbish tip,i tink you mean camptown that's down in centre of Brighton & Hove actually!.give us your mobile & fuck off back to nokialand ya noncey poof U tryin ta bugger me?"
by mohair June 19, 2007
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Brighton and Hove Albion is the pride of the south coast of England. The club, who play at the Falmer Stadium (currently known as the AMEX Stadium), don't have a history of trophies, but a history full of ups and downs.

Archer, Stanley and Bellotti almost saw Brighton relegated from the Football League in 1997, but two historic matches against Doncaster Rovers and Hereford saw the club survive relegation. The game against Doncaster saw the club's last game at their home of nearly 100 years, the Goldstone Ground. Stuart Storer's goal pulled Brighton into 23rd, meaning that a point away to bottom the league Hereford on the last day of the season would keep them up. With Hereford 1-0 up and Brighton set to be relegated, Robbie Reinelt equalised in the second half to keep the Albion alive.
And then, 20 years later, what was thought to be impossible, happened. On the 17th April 2017, Brighton beat Wigan Athletic 2-1 at the AMEX to all but secure promotion to the Premier League for the 2017/18 season. The promotion was then mathematically secured that same day, as 3rd placed Huddersfield Town drew at Derby County.
As of November 6th 2020, Potter's blue and white army sit 16th after 7 games, with a total of 5 points, being managed by Graham Potter.
1: You're a Brighton & Hove Albion fan?
2: Yeah, of course I am! Not too sure about Graham Potter though.
by uhhhbaguette November 6, 2020
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The Best club in the world home to the best Belgian in the world Leo Trossard. Better than Man City, West Ham and Plymouth Argyle
Steve: they've got a Brighton and Hove Albion FC kit on

Dave: they support the best team in the word and they must get all the people they are sexually attracted to.
by SUB2LEWISCOTTAM October 5, 2022
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