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In the mid-nineties London's gay art community threw what has become a legendary barbecue. A group of 6 arty queens masturbated over a quarter-pounder which they intended to enter for a prestigious art prize. Leading gay artist Briggsy watched the spectacle before mincing into the centre of the group and hungrily devouring the well-seasoned burger. Subsequently any burger liberally coated with jizz has been termed a Briggsy Burger.
Its a shame those queers didn't get to enter their Spunk Burger for the Briggsy Prize.

Not really. Briggsy spewed the whole lot and won the prize with his pile of vomit. "Briggsy Burger" was snapped up by Saatchi for 8 million quid.

by Des Lynam's love-gland December 12, 2006
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