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Brietta means Strength and is of English adn Gealic decent.

Brietta is an uncommon name given to females.

It is pronounced BR-EYE-EH-TUH or BREE-EH-TUH.
Brietta is spontaneous and a strong willed woman.

She's usually laid back and has a big heart.

She's caring but stern.
Brietta is a down ass female, yo.
by FreeEBTCEllphones September 09, 2015
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Brietta means strength in gaelic. Brietta is awesome.

Brietta the barbie Pegasus!! The source of all wisdom and a wonderful friend. she is MAGICAL, and everyone is envious her. Brietta is beautiful.Allen Rickman adores her and her mystical flying powers (and she flys everywhere, can you say super hereo?). you can call her brie if you like. but don't take her crown or you will see a side of brietta you have never seen before. you may be set on fire (yes, she breathes fire.) secretly she only sees in blue and silver with her magical Pegasus vision.
"Hope Has Wings" by Brie Larson is about Brietta
by oreoooo cakeday February 18, 2012
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