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The shittiest neighborhood in Philadelphia. Has all pussies who think the rumble and have drug dealers such as Damien Wilson and Dallas penn.
Bridesburg was just on the news for the worst neighborhood in the US.
by Thomas Wright December 18, 2017
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A small neighborhood near the Delaware River in the lower northeastern section of Philadelphia. This is a primarily white neighborhood, with low crime rates. Anyone with a colored background that tries to reside in this neighborhood is usually frowned down upon, given dirty looks, and will be silenced throughout the neighborhood. Bridesburg is not a good place to let your personal business run amock in the street, as every neighbor on the block will be peeking through their front bedroom windows at every sudden noise and every police car that drives down the street. Bridesburg also has a Facebook page called "The Burg" where typically middle aged and senior residents post their everyday problems, and most of them are problems that are very exaggerated. Lastly, Bridesburg primarily has naive high school students from Franklin Towne Charter High School that roam around during the weekends, and typically spend their times partying inside of Cokeys lot before it got blocked off and protected by the security guards in the white vans that like to believe their police officers.
If you is a thug and is tryna roll through Bridesburg, expect to see your description on "The Burg".
by Lolwick20 October 03, 2015
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