A real, tangible friend, that you hang with and go out for beers with, as opposed to a virtual online friend like that person you never talked to in high school that you now comment back and forth on social networks like Facebook.
I'm sick of sitting on Facebook for 4 hours a night and commenting on peoples' semi-witty status updates. I need to get some more bricks-and-mortar friends and get out of the house.
by CO_jcd July 15, 2011
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pronounced- brɪk ænd ˈmɔrtər frɛndz

1. noun People that you know, in real life, and can physically meet up with, that don't actively hate you. Otherwise known as 'non-internet' or 'IRL' friends.

2. Imaginary friends, built by a mason, to keep him company while he's working.
"Hey, I was chatting with some friends the other day and your name came up."
"Internet friends? Or brick and mortar friends"
by Jerami the Wise January 1, 2019
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