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'BRICKFLICKED' /ˈbrɪk-flɪk't/ (บริ๊กฟลิกด์)
Originating from Bangkok Thailand, coined by Bangkok resident Stuart Jay Raj, being 'brickflicked' is the act of treading on a seemingly dry piece of pavement only to realise it is actually floating loosely in a puddle of rancid squalor as it splashes up your leg.

The term can also be used as an expletive, adjective and noun.
Damn! - I've just been brickflicked. (Verb.)
Flick a Brick! (Expletive.)
Well flick a brick and call me Somchai! (Exclamation showing surprise.)
That's a brick flicking mess isn't it? (Adj.)
by stu-jay May 17, 2016
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