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A man who only loves Pokemon and his boyfriend Bigfoot. A complete spazz, who wont stop screaming until he draws a picture and forces people to compliment it. They may greet you 5 times in an hour, asking the same questions over and over again. Also, claims to love anime, but they only like One Piece. They will prove a point just to disagree with that point completely. They love Disney Princesses, but really their favourite princess is Tiana. Best friends with Chedaloo because they both have anger in common.
A statement by Brick Pokemon: I hate you all u suck make up ur mind already. Go live in the rainbows with ur sexual buddies and have some fun times under the rainbow blankets so ya I'm gay and I'm proud honeys and I'm not going to the rainbows ! I hate the gays and the lesbians ! I love being gay it's soo fun u get to experience a whole new kind of sex that straight ppl don't get ! So gays can go to the rainbows ! I love gays
by Mondegreens April 14, 2012
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