If you dont know who Brianna Banks is, you should defintely look into it!
by PD2 February 9, 2006
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The best and hottest porn star. Makes the best moans and has the best body. Titties the size of watermelons and an ass like a black woman. She is a godess.

Got into the porn business from being train ridin by the whole football team
Brianna banks makes me cum just thinking about her
by garrett martindale August 5, 2006
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Hot as Fuck pornstar that sucks dick like a pro. Blonde, big tits and a pierced tongue. Right up there with Jenna Jameson as one of the hottest chicks in porn.
The thought that Brianna Banks can deep throat my whole cock, makes me want to bust a nut...
by Whatthefuck420 October 29, 2007
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