THE hottest guy in the world...And he is perfect.

Can also be known as BreyBrey is:
1. 9 out of 10 times right when regarding TV shows.

2. So tall and lanky that you cant see him when he stands sideways.

3. Absolutely hilarious that all the guys are jealous.

4. A total spunk rat that he is attractive to every chick in the room and at least two men.

5. Coolest guy ever, everyone strives to be like him.

6. Has the greatest body of all time.

7. Looks hotter than Brad Pitt.

8. Pawns everyone in everything.
Sarah: "Wow he is the coolest of all time. He must be a Breyden."
by 12ETtLika February 5, 2010
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A total douche who will end up saying he doesn’t love you anymore and he leads you on for over a month
Breyden is a dickhead
by People will break your heart December 27, 2019
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