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He is half man half legended, he is muscular and very handsome if you see a Brevan you have just seen heaven it self. With his God graced name he is irresistible to the ladies, also very intelligent and rich for all the gold diggers out there;). He swoops with such vastness he can take yo ladie in a blink of an eye. He only drives imported cars, and beats up jake.
Wow! Brevan gets all the ladies
by Jacob kilts June 07, 2016
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A really cute boy with a hot body, and a lot of girls going after him, yet he has no idea. Very oblivious, has one girl constantly flirting with him, in love with him, but he has no idea and thinks he is trash. Is great at singing/dancing/just about anything. Is a little dumb, but still cute. Looks older than he actually is.

Vance: "No way, he would have a line of girls behind him if it was..."
by CamilaRoberts September 15, 2016
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