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A very excellent boyfriend, who is perfect and amazing.

Can also be used to describe someone who has a quality similar to a baby panda.
I love my boyfriend. He's my Brettums!

Or: Aww, that teddy bear is so cute. It's like brettums!
by Laura-Bear May 31, 2007
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Name for a girl, (and popular name for a horse, if you ask but unique nonetheless. This person loves and takes pride in being different and says it makes them who they are. Commonly blonde. Always awesome in epic proportions. Has a particular love for comic book heroes (specifically Superman.) Great taste in music, and has an iPod with songs from every genre. Often associated with the color yellow. Loves you if they like you, hates you if don't like you. Very passionate. Loves to make you laugh. Lives to be with people. Talks all hours of the day. Not shy at all. Will pwn you in the face at Guitar Hero... or anything else for that matter. Likes to wink. At YOU.
THAT GIRL is so awesome... I'll bet her name is Bretta.

Bretta is so rad, I think I love her! ;)

I need a Bretta-hug.

Bretta = Supergirl.
by Bretta:) May 03, 2008
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Pretty much defines amazing. Bretta is super cool. She always knows how to make you smile and always enjoys a chance to laugh. She is an awesome swimmer and a terrific friend. She really likes pizza and the color blue, and its really hard to be as cool as her. Bretta makes really good friends really easily and she isnt very shy. She moves around ton. Bretta is amazing, funny, and a all round great friend
That girlis so funny her name must be bretta
by Bretta's_best_friend March 23, 2010
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