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A Kiwi-born (NZ but typing NZ should have no periods because of being influenced from Britain) pitchman who wants to fuck your ears all the time from day to night by telling about the product he is showcasing on that stupid ass TV just like an Englishman who wants to fuck a "Mainland European" lady who looks, sounds like a man and speaks broken English at all.

You may remember him (along with fellow pitchmen Billy Mays and Vince Offer) from the late mid and late 90's to present as a pitchman across the Philippines through his now-canned but disputed propaganda called "Value Vision" (not to be confused with the one that NBC owns now called as Evine) and currently acting as the same work for its successor called "TV Shop (Philippines)" starting from 2014 to present and he is just wanna fuck your ears again so you better stop buying and watching useless TV just to get rid of him and his useless looks at all... - ialociN
Brendan McCarthy is not the same as the other McCarthy!!!
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