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A girl with the name brendaly has a very unique personality and she’s also really pretty. She loves to be show who she is without caring what other think . She’s really outgoing ,loves to try new different things and she don’t care if they’re hard or easy as long as she has fun!. She’s great and loves sports especially soccer. She will do anything for you if you have her back.It’s really easy to become friends with a brendaly, but watch out !! You don’t want to see her bad side, it can be as badd as its good. Trust me she can be a bad bitch too depends what you do to her. She’s also really trustworthy, she knows how to be a good listener and listen to you ALL DAY. She loves her best friends and she cares way too much for them too. Another bad thing she has is that she gets too quickly attach to a guy who shows her that he cares about her. Long lasting relationships are a thing she is always looking for in a guy of course with a great personality like her and cute asff. Ahh she loves working out too and when you see her achieve her body goals you will be SHOOK ...Brendaly is just what you looking for in a girl so you are lucky if you ever get to meet a girl like a BRENDALY
I just met that girl and WOW!!..Not all girls have a name like brendaly just like her personality it unique and awesome when you get to know her ..
by True-definitions⚤ April 12, 2018
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