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Breelle is the equivalent of the most beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, defensive girl. This is why everybody loves her. She chooses who she befriends carefully, as she has learned that far earlier than probably you. She likes sports, and she won't like boys as easier than you think. She's the most upset person sometimes, but she can bring happiness into the world. She's not in the popular crowd, but she's in the middle bracket. She knows popular people, and is friends with some. She wants to be invisible some of the times and is insecure. She hates being rejected by the people she knows. Befriend Breelle, but watch your back, she looses trust in an instant.
Is that a Breelle? She's melting my eyes with adjectives to describe her.
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by lo its me March 13, 2018
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Brielle is lit asf guys she is smart she just doesnt like to do her work in class. She dont play no games with nobody if you mess up that's it for you. But one thing she is kind of a player. She knows what she like and when she wants it. Brielle can be HELLA salty sometimes. She likes to slap people to so watch out for that. But when she is mad dont puss her off she can't control herself. You can tell when she's mad you already know. Breelle smokes weed and drinks sometimes and hangs around lit people. But she has some boring friends. She hides things from people and she kinda has trust issues but for good reasons. But over all she is pretty fucking litttttt chill don't play no games likes to slap people when their being salty oh and she is a lil freak so WATCH out. She may not seem like it in public but if your ever alone with her be careful for that she pretty slick.🍆👌💛😍💓💀
Breelle is hella lit your dry
by Wetoolittt January 27, 2019
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