When two people f*ck so hard on a bed, the bed breaks.
Shaniqua: man, Tyrone broke my bed last night
Tykesha: Damnnnnnnn
Tykesha: breaking the bed is the best thing ever
by Arrrrreeesu October 17, 2019
Hey, it's great to be here in New York for a visit! Can you show us the guest room? Dina and I are going to get unpacked and break the bed in.
by porkchchoppanzeefin September 29, 2021
to have fun on a bed like jumping up down with a partner
Oh god! They just break the bed in there. Timmy go call the cops.
by marmar1342 February 29, 2016
Calc n break the bed is an intense version of calc n chill. Fairly self explanatory; calc n chill becomes so intense that you and your math daddy break the bed.
Last night me and my math daddy calc n chilled so hard that five of the springs came out of my bed. I guess that's why they call it calc n break the bed.
by peachesandplums October 23, 2016