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Female initiated morning sex. The Breakfast Roll is performed when your babe wakes up all wet, hot and horny. Whilst you are still sleeping, she latches ahold of your morning wood, climbs on top and starts riding old morning glory until she climaxes. Breakfast Rolls usually end up with a male climax by finishing you off with a handy or fellatio.
Stan: Carl you are late for work again. This cannot continue. I have a business to run. Why are you constantly late every morning the past two weeks?
Carl: I am sorry Stan. I am out of routine. My old lady keeps doing the Breakfast Roll every morning. Bitch is horned up something fierce. I will stop her next time.
Stan: Hell no Carl. Let the bitch ride it. I will just change your start time!
by Eaton Holgoode May 14, 2015
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