Short way to say Brazilian, used in Sydney's Northern Beaches.
Man look those two brazo girls!
by brazo June 5, 2010
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An amazing girl who knows how to have a fun time but not to much to where you’ll get into trouble. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. If you have her as a friend KEEP HER!
by Sosososososmywater November 5, 2019
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One of the mythical beasts of xcountry/track.

He was known for his unique running form, where he would run with one arm swinging regularly and the other arm dangling as he ran. Thus, the name Un Brazo was born.
He was also known for his very slow pace. He was often the last person to finish a race and would get outrageous times, like 30 minutes on a 3-mile race.
No one knows his real name. He just mysteriously appeared in one xcountry season and disappeared during track season, leaving behind the great impact that he had in our lives.

This is the Legend of the Un Brazo.
Brasil: Dude, do you remember Un Brazo? That nigga was so slow I could beat him running on my arms.
ArmoHater: OMG, Un Brazo! I just wanna get his head and beat him with the locker door!
John: You need to calm down.
ArmoHater: No regrets!
Brasil: Haters Club!
John: Wow, I don't know you guys anymore.
Brasil: Kudo and Guam, you guys can't join.
ArmoHater: Yeah, you guys gotta become more like haters.
by BrasilStyle April 26, 2009
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