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A person who enjoys to spend most of their time in bed preferably on an important day when things need to be done.
You didn't go to that interview?! You're such a Bratley.
by GotOwned January 15, 2007
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One who was always used as a "scape goat". Easily blamed!....and took it!!! As a child growing up, usually a boy, is chubby....having a bit of a muffin top.

Always into mischief......and not just your ordinary mischief.....if there is a line.....he's stepped over it.....if there is a box to stay in....THE BOX WILL BE DISTROYED!!
Keep Bratleys far away from escalators and large jugs of milk!!

AKA a cluts. Walking down a simple hallway can be a challenge. Even with no obsticles a Bratley may find himself tripping over their feet and having to pick themselves off the floor. Then with a delayed reactions saying "ow!"
Bratley do this! Bratley do that.....your the good looking son ...noooooooooooo!
by Muahaha!!! June 30, 2010
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