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That guy in your circle (or prior circle, perhaps you've cut ties now) that seems cool until you hang out for more than a month. Initially an average bro/friend/chum. He likes video games, internet humor, skating, music, pretty much anything you like. However, after enough time his true personality peeks out. And you're introduced to the Brandon Bitchie's catchphrase, "cbf." Which also stands for "Can't be fucked." (but of course, he cbf to type can't be fucked)

He cbf to play a game to completion, he cbf to contribute to the internet, he cbf to skate in temperatures over 90 degress, and he cbf to buy music. At the end of everything, he simply cbf. He's got better things to do. What are these better things? No one really knows. What we DO know, is that the Brandon Bitchie likes to, well, bitch. Bitches that it's too hot, too cold, he's hungry, he's thirsty, he's bored, he's tired, he's NOT tired, he's got a headache, his socks are too soft. A Brandon Bitchie will spam you with "cbf" and "X is too Y" until all you want to do is delete him from your facebook page or MSN contacts - something you should get on...
You: What up man?
Brandon Bitchie: Not much. Bored.
You: Wanna skate?
Brandon Bitchie: cbf to skate xD too hot
You: Go to the mall?
Brandon Bitchie: cbf to drive
You: Kill yourself?
Brandon Bitchie: cbf to tie noose
by MF Fry December 22, 2010
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