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To go brammando is when a member of the female sex who possesses boobies big enough to require a bra to prevent gravity and inertia from going to town under their clothes, chooses to forego wearing a bra and swings freely. Most men will chivalrously offer to assist a woman when they admit to going brammando by selflessly supporting the free range fun bags with their own hands.
Bridget can't come for a drink after work today, she didn't do any laundry so had to come to work brammando and has rubbed her nips raw while on the check-outs, she really needs to go home and get some ice on those puppies STAT.
by Dr Zwee October 25, 2013
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Like commando but for bras
Maria: I’m gonna go brammando tonight
Jess: shit girl that’s brave
Maria: this dress just gives me no other option
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